Camp Verde Campus

Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School
Camp Verde Campus

452 W Finnie Flat Rd N, Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Campus Contacts

DISTRICT OFFICE: 928-567-7115
Fax: 928-597-5106
Lori Boyce, CEO: 928-278-1510
Trish Martin, Director: 928-278-1500
Glenn Carroll, Outreach: 928-278-1706
Tom Martin, Math: 928-278-1500

Please call our district office or Pam at our Prescott Valley Campus if you have any questions or need help.

Office Hours

MON-THU 9 am – 4:00pm

Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School
Camp Verde Campus Location

Located less than an hour from Phoenix, AZ, the Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School Camp Verde campus is close to a variety of popular tourist and family destinations. Among these, the Verde Valley Archaeological Center and the Fort Verde State Historic Park provide additional learning opportunities outside the classroom. Inside the classroom and online, our dedicated and exceptional educators help Northern Arizona students achieve an affordable, accredited high school diploma. Contact us today to learn more about our academic programs or to join our community of lifelong learners.

Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School Camp Verde campus entrance

Academic Programs at Our Camp Verde Campus

Affordable Private High School in Camp Verde
Scholarship Opportunities For Students in Grades 6-12

Private Jr/Sr High School

Students in grades 7-12 can attend in-person classes at any one of our three campuses under the supervision of our dedicated and experienced educators. Online platforms allow students to work at their own pace while in the classroom and also at home, with a deadline given for semester course completion. The flexible pace enables students to progress according to their learning styles and capabilities.

Independent Study

Our older students in grades 9-12 who are self-motivated and committed to learning have the option to complete their schooling at home with independent study. Coursework is done via traditional paper and pencil with credit given for written packets completed and returned to our educators. Students have access to our online academic resources and can request assistance from our staff as needed.

Adult Private High School

Adults ages 22 and older can return to school and achieve an affordable, accredited high school diploma with our pay-as-you-go Adult High School program. Academic courses are completed via traditional pen/paper through independent study and with credit given for submitted work. Assistance from a tutor is available, and our adult high school students can request help as needed.

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