Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About Our Private School For Northern AZ High School Students

Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School is proud to provide an affordable, accredited high school education for students across Northern Arizona. With three convenient locations in Camp Verde, Cottonwood, and Prescott Valley, our private school is geographically accessible to students from a wide variety of areas and backgrounds. Our highly qualified education experts create a supportive and engaging environment in which students can easily learn while following an individualized education plan that will meet their specific learning needs and goals. Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about our academic programs and services. Then, contact us to learn more or to enroll in our private school today!

How old do I have to be to enter the program?

Our private Jr/Sr high school is for students in grades 7-12.

Our Adult High School Program is for students age 22 and up.

How much does it cost to attend Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School?

For current tuition rates, contact us directly. However, please know that we keep our prices affordable in order to serve as many students as possible. We also work with Arizona Tuition Connection to offer scholarships for our 7th – 12th grade students. For some, this covers the cost of tuition entirely.

Will I receive a real high school diploma?

Yes! The diploma you will receive upon graduation from Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School will look just like any other high school diploma.

Is the high school an accredited program?

Yes! Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School is accredited through Cognia.

How long will it take for me to graduate if I go through your high school?

The length of time it takes you to graduate from our private high school depends on two primary factors:

  • How many academic credits you already have
  • How quickly you finish the work you are given

Do I have to come to school every day?

7th & 8th Grade – Yes, you will need to attend in-person classes at one of our three locations (Camp Verde, Cottonwood, or Prescott Valley) during regular school hours. You will also have access to online platforms so you can do further work outside of school.

9th – 12th Grade – You may attend in-person classes at one of our three locations and utilize our online Learning Management System. Or, you may choose to complete our Independent Study Program which utilizes a pen and paper packet program and does not require regular in-person attendance.

Adult High School Program – For the adult program, you do not need to come to the school every day. However, we do need to speak to or see you once a month so that we can assess your progress.

Are there people who can help me if I am struggling with my academic studies?

Yes! We have highly qualified and certified education staff on duty at our three locations:

  • Camp Verde: Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 3:30 pm
  • Cottonwood: Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 4 pm
  • Prescott Valley: Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 3:30 pm

In addition, our math tutors are on site in Camp Verde on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and by appointment in Prescott Valley and Cottonwood.

Do I need to bring any school supplies with me?

No, we will provide all the supplies you need.

Every student has unique needs and goals.

Let our dedicated teachers inspire, educate and motivate you to reach YOURS.