academic programs and services from Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School

Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School

Affordable Academic Programs and Services

Arizona Jr/Sr Private High School offers affordable academic programs and services to northern Arizona students in grades 7-12 as well as adults aged 22 and older who want to achieve a high school diploma. Students are provided an individualized education plan to keep them on track to graduation. With a supportive and blended learning environment, expert educators, and access to a variety of educational tools and resources, our students strive to reach their full potential both inside and outside of the classroom.

Private Jr/Sr High School Program

Grades 7-12 | In-Person Classes with Online Work Platform

Students in grades 7-12 can attend in-person, private school classes at our Camp Verde, Cottonwood, or Prescott Valley location. Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 9 am – 3:30 pm and in-person attendance is required for students in grades 7 & 8. While in the classroom, students have access to our professional education staff and online academic platforms to complete their required schoolwork. Outside the classroom, students may continue working on their studies after school hours by utilizing the same online platforms. In addition, they may request assistance from our educators Monday through Friday until 7 pm via text messaging, social media, email, or phone.

Independent Study Program

Grades 9-12 | Self-Paced, Packet Program

For our older students in grades 9-12, our academic programs and services include two options:

  1. Attend in-person classes with access to our education staff and online platforms OR
  2. Participate in our packet program, otherwise known as independent study.

Students choosing the independent study program complete their required school work with pen and paper, attending school in-person when help is needed but primarily studying independently from home. Working at a flexible pace but with specific semester deadlines, students can progress slower or faster depending on their unique needs, abilities, and learning styles. Credit is given for completed packets submitted and students may request assistance from our educators Monday through Friday until 7 pm via text messaging, social media, email, or phone. 

Adult High School Program

Ages 22+ | Pay-As-You-Go Program

Utilizing a distance learning format, our Adult High School Program enables students ages 22 and above to achieve an accredited high school diploma. Course work may be completed through our paper and pencil packet program. Tuition is affordable and pay-as-you-go, thus removing a common barrier that keeps some adults from finishing their high school education. We also work closely with the military so that adult students who wish to pursue a military career can receive the high school diploma required to do so.

Every student has unique needs and goals.

Let our dedicated teachers inspire, educate and motivate you to reach YOURS.